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These four firms export 95 million pieces of clothes annually. The Omega Line Group has already started making accessories corresponding to hooks and eyes, tubes, under-wires,bra cups, laminated foams and also operate a dye house. Adoption of greatest production methods coupled with latest know-how has all the time enabled the Omega Line Group to provide the finest quality products to its advertising company in Italy. Garment development is a vital ability for fashion designers, involving various methods and strategies to create well-fitted garments.


Airtight containers (such as sealed, heavy-duty plastic bags) might deter insect pest harm to clothing materials as properly. During the early modern interval, individuals utilized their attire as a significant methodology of conveying and asserting their social status. As a outcome, clothing performed a big role in making the social hierarchy perceptible to all members of society. Clothing has been made from a broad variety of materials, starting from leather and furs to woven materials, to elaborate and exotic pure and synthetic fabrics. For instance, corrective eyeglasses, Arctic goggles, and sunglasses would not be thought of an adjunct because of their protective capabilities. A video on social expression through dressThe most blatant function of clothing is to guard the wearer from the elements.